The annual accident rate of commercial fleets is around 20 percent, and accidents are among the most expensive injury claims for a business. A fleet-related loss is approximately $70,000 — which is nearly twice as much as the average workplace injury.

In 2016, Amerisure implemented its commercial fleet telematics pilot program to help mitigate these losses and the costs associated with them. As it evolved, the program formally became known as FleetAlliance™ and was able to deliver outstanding results to its participants.

26 commercial fleets participated in the two-year program, totaling 1,800 vehicles and over 32 million miles driven.

How it works
Program participants used an easy-to-install telematics device and GPS Insight dashboard to monitor safety metrics, such as acceleration, deceleration, and fixed and posted speeding events. They had access to a customer dashboard, which continuously updated with recent driver behavior. Amerisure collected data from the dashboard quarterly, analyzed the data and discussed suggestions for improvement with each policyholder. These suggestions included:

  • Recommendations to the overall driver safety program
  • Assistance with identifying unsafe behaviors
  • Training based on trends such as speed or aggressive driving

Preventing distracted driving
Many commercial fleet accidents can be attributed to distracted driving. That’s why those enrolled in FleetAlliance also had access to Amerisure’s partnership with LifeSaver® cell-blocking technology. The app monitors drivers’ attempts to access their cellphones and warns the user of risky behavior. These attempts are also tracked via a customer dashboard, which is available to management for review at any time.

The results
FleetAlliance participants had significantly fewer losses than Amerisure policyholders who were not enrolled in the pilot program.

Benchmark End of Pilot Program
Claims per $100,000 in premium 5.65 3.94
Percent loss and ALAE 117.6 30.1

Improve your commercial fleet today
FleetAlliance will continue as part of Amerisure’s industry leading risk management service. Fleet owners who participate can improve overall safety while reducing employee exposures and injuries. The data received from telematics devices also can be used to improve fleet performance and reduce operational costs — enabling the fleet to perform at maximum efficiency.

Interested in participating to find out how FleetAlliance can benefit your business? For more information, contact your local risk management consultant at